Why I don't want background tasks on my iPad

I've been thinking about what I want to use my iPad for when it finally gets it's launch in the UK at the end of April. Casual browsing? Sure. Twitter. Yep. Email? Why not. But the thing I'm really excited about is as a magazine platform. I can't wait for Wired to launch and I would love if my other regular magazine, EVO, became available on the platform. I think this is where the iPad will really come into its own. So, why not background tasks? Lets face it, almost everything I will do on the iPad will be possible on my MacBook Pro. It would be almost trivial to bring out a magazine reading app on a desktop OS, but I don't think it works. When I'm on a multitasking OS I am constantly distracted by Twitter, email and the ease to go and look at something else. Where magazines triumph is in having an exclusive grasp on my attention. I could sit and read an issue of Wired for an hour, but only if other things aren't vying for my attention. By not having these distraction, I will be able to sit and use my iPad like a magazine, but without all that unnecessary dead tree detritus. My iPad will fill a different niche to both my iPhone and my MBP. I expect that, if the publishing companies do it right, my magazine (and maybe even newspaper) consumption will go way up and that this, along with ebooks, will be my primary use of the iPad. Can't wait. It's 2010 and finally it feels like the future is here.