UX - It's the Little Things

Some of my favourite user experience examples are the really tiny ones. Ones that you know that a little extra thought has been put into it. Apple are the masters at these sort of UX tidbits and this one I discovered recently when setting a recurring alarm on my iPhone. You can select the days the alarm will sound and, when you return to the list of alarms set it tells you which days it will sound.

Things get a little special when you choose the alarm to go off on Monday through Friday, or just on Saturday and Sunday, or all seven days. In these case the summary uses nice, natural language. "It doesn't say Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri", it says "Weekdays". Instead of "Sat, Sun" you get "Weekends" and, of course, "Every day" when that is applicable.

It doesn't make a huge difference, but presenting this sort of information in a more human friendly way helps everyone save a little time and thinking and puts a smile on the lips of people who appreciate the extra effort put into UX.