Sometimes the Internet fails (or sys-admins do)

I'm not much of a one for TV. There are a few things I've enjoyed, The West Wing, Grand Designs and most things with Gordon Ramsay, but the one thing I pay my license fee for is Top Gear. I'm a bit of a car nut and their style of irreverant humour sits well with my own. With this in mind, you can imagine my excitement to find that Top Gear Live, which had previously been restricted to the MPH show, was going on tour and, more specifically, was coming to Dublin.

We'll ignore for now that the prices are pretty astronomical and move straight to the booking system. Now that any popular show sells out within a matter of hours, sometimes minutes, there was a hard launch time for tickets to go on sale, specifically 9.00am this morning. Like a good, organised boy, I went to the RDS ticket site nice and early to be told I was in a queue (before the tickets went on sale). No problem, I was about number 150 and it seemed to be moving quite quickly. At about 8:40 I reached the front of the queue and was allowed access to the page that would let me book tickets - when they went on sale. I'm not sure how the queue was moving before the tickets were available, but there we go. So, 9:00 arrives and we click book tickets. Fine, please choose the day. Saturday, click book. Database error, including the wonderfully revealing information that the maximum number of 999 connections has been exceeded. Back, try again. Same thing. Once more... "You have been placed in a queue. You are currently 2016 with a wait time of 3 hours. Genius. I phoned them instead. Seriously, they know the system is going to have very bursty traffic. They knew tickets were going on sale for what would obviously be a very popular show, running over four days, with ten actual shows during those days, each with a capacity of around 7000 and their system has a maximum capacity of 999? Someone needs a good DB admin.