I Met Stuart - Bugs and Critique welcome


It started with a Tweet from @gracesmith (www.postscript5.co.uk / www.cssloaf.com) who linked to a great idea by Matt Buchanon on what to do if you're out and have forgotten business cards. Have a nice, easy to remember, domain that does nothing but host an online version of your business card. So now, www.imetstuart.com is online. Because it's shiny and new I really like it at the minute. The higher up the browser food chain you get the better it looks as it employs some nice CSS3 rounded corners and drop shadows. The absolute positioning for the speech bubble doesn't work on IE6 and it isn't important enough to try and fix - the sort of people that will be getting the address are most likely Safari or Firefox users anyway. The whole thing is valid XHTML  and mostly valid CSS (sily -webkit and -moz for rounded corners) and it looks fine across IE6, IE7, Firefox 3, Safari 4 and Opera 9.5 as far as I have tested. If anyone encounters any showstoppers or something that looks odd, let me know. If you have any suggestions for improvements or general critique, let me know.