Election 2010 - talking to the candidates

OK, the emails have been sent, going to try and get 20 minutes with each of the North Down candidates standing for Westminster. So far, my impressions come from the candidates websites. Steven Agnew (Green) - Nice website, easy to find a direct email for Steven. I have previously spoken to him prior to the European elections so expect this one to be easy to get. Stephen Farry (Alliance Party) - Website looks like it's from 1997, but it was easy to get a direct email address for Stephen Sylvia Hermon (Independent) - I got her email address from her canvassing flyer. It's a Hotmail one, which never fills one with hope. Kaye Kilpatrick (Traditional Unionist Voice) - No email addresses on website, only a contact form (and a very poor one at that). I didn't fill in all the fields (nothing to indicate some were mandatory) and I got a completely blank page with "All the fields are required, please go back and submit the form again…". Thanks for that. Filled in the missing field with a n/a and got another blank page "Your request is being processed". It was still like that ten minutes later, so no idea if it actually went through. They refused to talk to me last time, so I don't hold out much hope now. Liam Logan (SDLP) - Easy to find a direct email address. Which bounced. Emailed the general address complaining about them putting duff email addresses up for their candidates. Ian Parsley (Ulster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force) - No direct email address and the generic ones weren't clickable to send email. Sent one to their contact@ address, which bounced. Tried again with the info@ and it hasn't bounced yet. Complained in the second email. So, let's see how things go. If someone wants to lend me a better mic this time, that would be awesome.