Busy and Productive Day

I spent most of today setting up the various access points for my little endeavour to provide a focal point for the Northern Ireland creative community (www.nicreatives.com). At this point, I could go ahead and soft launch the site and start getting some content up. The idea is that there are loads of events going on in Northern Ireland that a lot of people would go to, if they knew about them. Things like Creative Camp and Mobile Monday I only discovered throgh Twitter, so I have to assume that there are a lot of non-twitterers that are missing out. Hopefully, the site will allow people to get information coming to them and help build the community a bit by getting more people talking. We'll see how it goes. The essence of the site is there, but I would like to create a custom Wordpress theme that suits the sites needs better instead of the rather generic (though functional) one I put in place to avoid that hideous blue rounded rectangle that is the WP default. There are few more functional items that need added and I'd like to streamline things a little to cut down on the repetition of adding events in multiple places as well as automate the generation of .ics files for new events, or at least automate the link to Upcoming. I'll take a run through things tomorrow and check it works as I think and then loose it upon the world. If people like the idea and get onboard, I think it could be a success.