A Proposal for a Northern Ireland Creatives Website

Apologies for the quick and dirty Wordpress, but would like to start getting feedback on this... Executive Summary: To create a site where creatives from all areas, music, art, web development, programming etc., can go to discuss their business, passions and future. To provide up to date information on forthcoming events and news and to nuture a self-promoting community.

Proposed Areas: Discussion forum: Standard discussion forum (propose vBulletin for functionality reasons) Regularly updated news: announcement of forthcoming events, press release information etc. Calendars: subscribable calendars for general and specific areas (one for music events, one for art exhibitions, one for tech events etc as well as an "everything") A "People" section - a list of everyone that considers themselves part of the creative community, with optional contact information etc. The ultimate goal would be to become the goto point for the NI creative scene, bypassing traditional media and to create a self-promoting community. This is a high level overview of my personal reasons and goals for the site and I would love to get input from the rest of the community on what they would like to see, what would be a useful addition to the site and generally any criticism and advice you would like to give.