My Daughter writes to Lego

Sakura (nearly 10) has been incensed that the Lego Club has started sending gender discriminatory magazines (on top of their “girls” Lego sets), so we explained to her she could write to them to let them know. The following is her letter to the Lego Club, written entirely without help (except proof read for spelling). Very proud of her.

Dear Lego Club Magazine,

I have been getting the Lego Club Magazine for a few years now, and I think it’s wrong you have started sending boys and girls different magazines. Yes, I know when Lego Friends was invented it was geared towards girls, but that does not mean that all girls in the Lego Club will instantly love it and want to get a whole magazine about it every month. My little brother gets his magazine every month and I enjoy the content in his magazine much more than the “girls” content.

Some of my favourite Lego sets are: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hero Factory and Lego City. I am also asking for Lego Mindstorms for Christmas. My interests in Lego are not just in Lego Friends. I’m not just talking about girls, some boys (including my brother) love Lego Friends and may love to read about Lego Friends.

I think that you should give every member a choice, or, even simpler, just print one magazine with both things in it. If I had a choice, I would pick the one you’re sending to boys in a heartbeat.

Yours Faithfully,

Sakura Gibson